The Game of Stocks

Event Date : 9 Sept 2017

About The Event

Entry Fee: FREE

To register for Stockquity, click on the link given below:


About the game

Stock Market Challenge is an online simulation trading game where you create and manage your own portfolio and compete with other players in a risk-free environment.
Whether you're new to the stock markets or an experienced investor, this is a powerful tool for building skill, evaluating and tuning your strategy, and gaining important investing experience. Stock Market Challenge is free and easy to use.


Rule Sheet for registering in Stockquity

  • The participants will have to register themselves on the link provided on the Stockquity page of SproutIt'17 website-
  • For Registration the participant need to have the following :-
    • Email ID
    • Mobile number
  • Post registration the Username and password will be sent to the participant's registered email id.


Rule Sheet for playing the Stock game

  • This game is based on the real time stock market i.e., one can sale and purchase the stocks during the trading hours of the day.
  • Every participant will be given Rs. 10,00,000 initially.
  • Initially there will be no shares in the portfolio. The user will have to buy the shares using the virtual currency credited to them during registration.
  • The usage of the money will be at the discretion of the participant only.
  • To buy shares you need to use the 'Trade' box. In the textbox above where it says ‘Select a scrip’ type at least the first three characters of the company name.
  • On doing so, you will get a dropdown of company names starting with those three characters. Select one and click on “Trade” button. On selecting the company you will see the Trade window where the Buy or Sell order has to be placed.
  • After placing the order you will see the status of the placed orders in ‘Pending Orders’ and once it gets confirmed from exchange prices it moves to ‘Holding’.
  • Please note that it takes about 10 minutes for a market order to execute.
  • Once your order gets executed the same will appear in your Holdings table.
    · The decision of the Sprout IT’17 events team will be final and binding.
Mamun Srizon