Max Revenue Plan

Event Date : 9 Sept 2017

About The Event

Prizes worth: ₹ 2500/-

Entry Fee: 250/-


Team size: min 2 max 4

Reporting Time: 1:00 PM

Event Time: 1:30-4:00 PM

The teams will be instructed beforehand during the registration of the event that they need to prepare a business plan of a particular product. Teams qualifying for the next round will be selected by the judges.

The plan should contain the points covered in the following table

Round 1

Once the online submissions are done, ideas will be judged & shortlisted and the participants will be sent an email. The selected participants need to come to the college on the day of the event & need to present their idea (presentation should not cross 8 mins).

After the presentation, shortlisted groups will qualify for the second round.

Round 2

A video, audio clipping or a case study will be given to all the teams which will have some real problem or scenario, where the teams need to come-up with a solution for that problem, and need to present that in an innovative way (maybe a skit, PPT or any other innovative way to present the solution). Each team will get 8 mins to present their idea.

Evaluation Criteria

  • After the online submission, the ideas will be first checked whether they contain the required parameters (as mentioned in the table above)
  • No plagiarism will be entertained
  • Participants need to give the presentation within the allotted time only

Mamun Srizon