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Enroute 2 Envision

Event Date : 8 Sept 2018

About the Event


Are you a team player? Are you a good leader?
Let’s decide after playing games in this event. This event is full of games and the key to success in these games is team work, team coordination and planning. You should have a vision to lead the team.

Rules and Regulations

  • 4 rounds comprising of 4 different games.
  • 1st round is based on the mutual understanding of team players.
  • 2nd round is totally based on the trust that you should have in your team.
  • 3rd round is all about the planning among team members.
  • 4th round is based on the team coordination.
  • Except 1st round, all the rounds have time constraint.
  • Teams that are not on time for the event will be "disqualified" on the spot.
  • Violation of any Rules of SIC will lead to disqualification of the Participants.
  • In case of any discrepancies, the decision taken by the SCIT Sprout IT team will stand final and no objections will be entertained.
  • Only 4 members per team.
  • On Spot entries are allowed.
  • Registration Receipt is mandatory to carry for every event. Teams not having Registration Receipt cannot Participate in any event.
  • It is mandatory for all the participants to carry their ID cards with them. Only college ID/workplace ID/driver’s license/PAN card/passport are accepted as identity proofs.
  • A tie breaker will be conducted in case of a tie in any of the rounds.
  • Any unethical steps such as distracting other teams or participants, disturbing others during tasks, etc. will lead to direct disqualification.
  • Rules are subject to discretion of the organizing committee.
  • Results will be declared after completion of every round as it will be time based activity.
  • Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are subject to eliminations based on time. The decision of the organizing committee will be final and binding.

Assessment Criteria

  • Round 1- Maximum points
  • Round 2- Points + Time
  • Round 3- Points + Time
  • Round 4- Time

Other Details

  • Event Date :- 8th September, 2018
  • Prizes worth: 5000/-
  • Reporting time: 12:00 pm
  • Event time: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Entry fee: 250/- per team
  • Team size: 4
  • Cap Size : 25 teams


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