Director's Cut

Lights. Camera. Shoot.

Event Date : 8 Sept 2018

About the Event


This is a video shooting and editing event.

The video should be an "aftermovie" about the event based on:

  • How do you see Sprout IT and up to what extent you understand the theme of the event.
  • How do you fuse your thinking/genre of the video with the theme and show the glimpse of the whole event.

General Guidelines:

  • Teams which do not report on time will be disqualified.
  • It is mandatory for the participants to carry registration receipts. Teams not carrying the receipts with them will not be allowed to participate.
  • It is mandatory for all the participants to carry their ID cards with them. Only college ID/workplace ID/driver’s license/PAN card/passport are accepted as identity proofs.
  • Team size of - Min 3 - Max 5
  • Duration of the video – Between 2 to 6 minutes + 15 seconds of Credits.
  • No documentary, No adult entertainment.
  • You can include actors.
  • Language (if any): English.
  • Song: Any
  • Participants are free to use any kind of equipment or lenses (except drones).
  • A report of the film will also be required. Format of the report will be sent on Email.

Video Shooting and Editing

  • Overall Time: 6 hours including Editing
  • Equipment: Any
  • Lenses: Any
  • SCIT will hold the right to upload and share it on it’s official site and other social media.
  • Create report of the film. Format of the report will be sent on Email.

Technical Specifications

  • We are accepting Full HD.
  • Max. resolution 1920 x 1080 px. Minimum resolution: 720 x 576 FHA / 1024×786 px.
  • If your aspect ratio is 4:3, pillar box it into a 16:9 ratio (black bars on sides).
  • Please save as a H264 or .mp4
  • Pre-recorded Videos are not allowed
  • Audio 16 / 24 bit and 44.100/48kHz – depending on the codec
  • Your framerate should be more than 23.9fps.
  • File names cannot include special characters. Spaces to replaced by _
  • Sound will not be compressed
  • Keep a copy of the original / master for yourself.

In the beginning of your film, insert 5 seconds of opening frame containing:

  • SPROUTIT 2018
  • The end credits of your film should include following text:

Assessment Criteria

  • All technical specifications must be met.
  • The video should be in alignment with the theme of the event.
  • The video should actually be represented as an “Aftermovie” of the event - Sprout IT’18.
  • Creativity, shooting angles and visual effects will be a major judgement factor.

  • Other Details

    • Event Date :- 8th September, 2018
    • Prizes worth: 2000/-
    • Reporting time: 10:45 am
    • Event time: 11 am to 4:30 pm
    • Team size : 3-5
    • Cap size : 20 teams


For any Queries related to the Event, you can always connect with us.


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