Aye Aye Captain

Show How It's Done!

Event Date : 8 Sept 2018

About the Event


This event is all about finding a leader and putting his team’s skills to test.

Rules and Regulations

  • Only 4 members per team allowed.
  • Teams that do not report on time for the event will be disqualified.
  • On the spot entries are allowed.
  • It is mandatory for the participants to carry registration receipts. Teams not carrying the receipts with them will not be allowed to participate.
  • It is mandatory for all the participants to carry their ID cards with them. Only college ID/workplace ID/driver’s license/PAN card/passport are accepted as identity proofs.
  • A tie breaker will be conducted in case of a tie in any of the rounds.
  • Violation of any of the rules of Symbiosis Infotech Campus will lead to a disqualification.
  • In case of any discrepancies, the decision taken by the SCIT Sprout IT team will stand final and no objections will be entertained.
  • Any unethical steps such as distracting other teams or participants, disturbing others during tasks, etc. will lead to direct disqualification.
  • Rules are subject to discretion of the organizing committee.

Assessment Criteria

  • This event will be of 3 rounds.
  • Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are subject to eliminations based on time.
  • Results will be declared after completion of every round as it will be a time based actIvity.
  • The decision of the organizing committee will be final and binding.

Other Details

  • Event Date :- 8th September, 2018
  • Prizes worth: 2500
  • Reporting time: 12:30 PM
  • Event time:1:00 to 4:30 PM
  • Team size: 4
  • Cap size: 16


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Varun Mankodi: +91-9662121144


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