About iTELF

iTELF, is the Entrepreneurship Cell of SCIT which provides a dais for upcoming IT Entrepreneurs and Leaders to explore the world of start-ups, exchange ideas, foster and enhance their leadership skills. This forum helps the entrepreneurs of today to metamorphose into victorious leaders of tomorrow. iTELF in its spirit believes that an entrepreneur is someone who takes risk, innovates and lives his passion.

About SproutIT

Leadership is about being poised, motivated and a lot more. You need a team with an astute mindset to win through the challenges and reach your goals. We all have a spark to be the best. At Sprout'IT you are pushed to your limits to vie and and be the crème de la crème. Feel the adrenaline rush and get a chance explore your inner entreprenuer.

About Alpha Venturi

Alpha Venturi describes the journey of a leader. An event which steers you through the obscure path and gives you an immersive experience. It is a platform for hustlers and achievers to dive in new and untried adventures. This exciting event will bring together industrial experts and participants from many corners of India. The focus of this event is on young leaders and entrepreneurs to give them a unique experience for their future voyage.

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